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Artistic Reviews by Angel Loochkartt - Master of Fine Arts, Bogotá


In her pictorial art, the artist Diana Francia marks an affirmative reading and surprising in plastics achievements, which are embodied in a neo-expressionist tendency of figuration.
I believe she’s a versatile artist who raises high on her work; making subtle changes inside that trend.
This artist fluidly moves in a feverish and evolutionary rhythm. Showing an imaginative subtlety and obtaining qualities that she firmly delivers.
The artist Diana Francia pictorial work is marked by expression of direct impact; and spontaneous painting in each artwork, moreover she attends to each and every call that the art demands.
In her last paintings, the expressionist that contained the adventure and freedom that the art gives. Rising to become more important; in her unique work she jumps up to the emotional treatments; that feels much stronger (powerful) within the show; proposing an execution, where her powerful creativity nervously emerges as dominant and expressionist.
I can constantly observe her interest with the human figure; it’s full of rapid brushstrokes and gives her stimuli to consolidate the frantic battle of her particular expression.
I must highlight and make an emphasis to her dedication and discipline of this artist, and besides that, Diana Francia integrates a unique personal style.
Those faces that convey and determinates, It does affirm this artist particular vision.
This prolific artist points out in her artwork her unique creativity, imagination, and talent.
It’s good to reflect on her extensive work and to view the success of the finished pictorial work.


Angel Loochkartt 

Artistic Reviews by Olga de Villegas - journalist and cultural art manager, Bogotá

"With this beautiful work by the Colombian artist Diana Francia Gómez Ordóñez could be assured that in a very short time, this young painter will be one of the most outstanding Colombian artists at an international level.
Let us pause to observe the tonality of her colors and the magical light that so skillfully blurs the celestial, cobalt's blues and aquamarines that evoke the ancient Italian pictorial works. Diana Francia, with her palette, passed many bridges for her sense of color; that also interprets in faces, flowers, and landscapes. Here is Diana Francia, a palette for history and a hope for national art"

Olga de Villegas


Artistic Reviews by Jorge Torres - Master of Fine Arts - President MAI Colombia, Bogotá

"The faces of Diana Francia are portraits without skins, with intervals of light which fall directly into the eyes of the spectator; Are beings of emotions beyond sensations, as static witnesses in a state of reverie.
Her pictorial work breathes tranquility which vibrates in the canvas; she manages to draw multicolored universes with mysterious beings that reflect in each mirror a state of the soul”

Jorge Torres 


Artistic Reviews by Edgar Estupiñán Master of Fine Arts - Cultural commentator CN Magazine

“The Central Bookstore,  and the “Callejón Gallery”, together with Kontemporánea, present the 100th exhibition of the artist Diana Francia Gómez Ordóñez, titled  "I FEEL PERCENT"  in which the spectators will be able to appreciate 17 pictorial works around her favorite subjects: portrait, figure, and landscape. Those are made with the special expressionist style that characterizes her, full of gesture, color, and texture.
The technique that Diana Francia uses in her paintings has a high relevance, for the style that she proposes and by using two-phase dripping: a fluid that gives expressiveness and movement to the stroke, in an abstract or informalist expressionist manner, and another controlled by a figurative nature with, where She draws the shapes and contours of Her compositions.
Her artwork gets to captivate and attract the attention of the viewer, plunging them into the deep aspects of a psychic and psychological universe, full of reflection and contemplation”


 Edgar Estupiñán 

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