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Artworks by Colombian Painters. Resume - Biography of Diana Francia

Contemporary and modern Colombian painters, artworks and career of Colombian artist Diana Francia.

Resume, Biography, Exhibitions, Recognitions, and her artworks in museums and collections.

Description of her work and artist's statement

Diana Francia Art exhibitionsDiana Francia Art exhibitionsDiana Francia Art exhibitionsDiana Francia Art exhibitionsDiana Francia Art exhibitions
Diana Francia and Master Angel LoochkarttDiana Francia and Master Angel LoochkarttDiana Francia and Master Angel LoochkarttDiana Francia and Master Angel LoochkarttDiana Francia and Master Angel Loochkartt
Diana Francia Cultural Management
Diana Francia Social Work

Special Mentions - Awards Distinctions


  • 2021, SPECIAL RECOGNITION for the outstanding participation of Diana Francia in the Virtual Art Exhibition End of the Year Sucrea - Vision 2020, Colombia
  • 2020, RECOGNITION for her participation in the group show Come Mundial de las Artes por el Planeta in Mexico.
  • 2020. INTERNATIONAL HONORABLE MENTION Sincelejo, Sucre. For her valuable participation in the III Meeting of Artists in Sucre
  • 2020, INTERNATIONAL HONORABLE MENTION For the important artistic and cultural legacy to society and the special participation in VR Cambass Museum. New York, USA
  • 2019. MENTION OF HONOR Bogotá Colombia. For the Sucrea Foundation - Congress of the Republic. Exhibition Colors Woman XXI century.
  • 2019. RECOGNITION Bogotá, Colombia 3rd International Anniversary Colombia Rinconesarte Foundation - House of the department of Tolima.
  • 2018. MENTION OF HONOR For his excellent performance as an Artist and Titan of the FigthArt Live Painting league. Bogota Colombia
  • 2018. MENTION OF HONOR Mayor's Office of Sincelejo - Office of Cultural Affairs for its outstanding participation in the III Meeting of Artists in Sucre
  • 2018. RECOGNITION Sincelejo, Sucre. for his valuable participation in the III Meeting of Artists in Sucre, by the Government of Sucre, Mixed Fund of Culture and SUCREA Foundation
  • 2018. RECOGNITION OF MERIT AND HONOR to Kontempor Art and Diana Francia G O for the Government of Sucre, Mixed Culture Fund and SUCREA Foundation For the outstanding support for the III Meeting of Artists in Sucre
  • 2018, DIPLOMA TO MERIT Sicily, Italy. Latin Americart In Europe, AS.MU.DO Association Peace and Justice SUCREA Foundation
  • 2018. RECOGNITION Atlanta, USA Consulate General of Colombia in Atlanta Participation Memories of Colombia. Ar7sevent
  • 2018. RECOGNITION Bogotá, Colombia Ar7seven for the participation 1st Tour USA
  • 2018. RECOGNITION Houston, USA. Colombian Plastic Language Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston. Ar7seven
  • 2018. MENTION OF HONOR. Bogota Colombia. Opus figurative and representational art fair at Melaká Art Gallery.
  • 2017. MENTION OF HONOR Sinaloa - Mexico International Expo "Solidarity With Mexico Lindo Y Querido" Frida Kahlo Gallery
  • 2017. HONOR DIPLOMA Lima - Peru by the Trasenderes Association Exhibition International Visions UNIFE Gallery
  • 2017. SPECIAL RECOGNITION Sincelejo, Sucre. For the Mayor's Office of Sincelejo And For the Office of Cultural Affairs for the outstanding artistic participation in the 2nd international meeting of artists in Sucre of the SUCREA Foundation
  • 2016 SPECIAL MENTION Bogotá, Colombia. Fundación Social Transplante Colombia For the contribution to the production of the artistic calendar in favor of this foundation.
  • 2016. GUEST ARTIST Bogotá, Colombia “Tribute to Women Painters of the 20th Century” Corporación Tecnológica de
  • 2015 AWARDED ARTIST Santa Marta, Magdalena. VI Hall of Religious Art in the Museum of Art of the University of Magdalena Cloister San Juan Nepomuceno. (6 selected) of 30 participants in the
  • 2015. RECOGNITION PARTICIPATION AND DONATION WORK Neiva, Colombia. Museum of Contemporary Art of Huila,
  • 2014 MENTION OF HONOR Culiacán, Mexico. In the International Exhibition In Mexico "Parallel Worlds" for the work "Waiting" Organized by MAI Colombia in the House of Culture of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa.
  • 2013. RECOGNITION Miami, USA. 2nd Fair of Services for Colombians in Miami. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Consulate General Central in Miami,
  • 2013 RECOGNITION Bogotá, Colombia. As "Godmother of Los Angeles De Luna" Committed to the Social Aspect and for her Benefactor Work at the Julio César Luna Theater Foundation
  • 2013 DISTINCTION Bogotá, Colombia for Unconditional Support to Los Angeles De Luna of the Julio Cesar Luna Theater Foundation
  • 2013 SPECIAL MENTION Medellín, Antioquia. or Labor and Delivery to the Community of Manrique Guadalupe, by the Guadalupe Educational Institution
  • 2013 SPECIAL MENTION Cartagena - Colombia. or The Work And Delivery To The Nozzle Community By The Caribbean Smiles Foundation
  • 2013 MENTION OF HONOR “COUP DE FOUNDRE” Liege, Belgium / Cali, Colombia. the work "A work in the eyes of Loochkartt" In the Tribute to the master Angel Loochkartt
  • 2013 MEDICAL DISTINCTION Bogotá, Colombia. As Benefactor Theatrical Foundation Julio Cesar Luna Festival Orchestra Competition of the Military and Police Forces in favor of Los Angeles De Luna hotel in the Military Club
  • 2011. MENTION VII Bogota, Colombia. Fray Angelica Plastic Arts Hall. 
  • 2011 MENTION OF HONOR Bogota, Colombia At the VII Cundinamarca Artists Hall "Policarpa Salavarrieta" Cundinamarca Governorate, Departmental Institute of Culture and Tourism, Cultural and Ecological Foundation to the work "All Ordonez, today a pugilistic star shines in the firmament" 
  • 2011 WINNER CONTEST Bogotá, Colombia  In the Open Call for Painting Muralism. “Complicity in childhood” Mural Usaquén (10 winners)


Curriculum, Biography, Exhibitions, Recognitions of Diana Francia. Her artworks in museums and collections. Description of her work and her artist statement

Diana Francia Resume Colombian artistDiana Francia Resume Colombian artistDiana Francia Resume Colombian artistDiana Francia Resume Colombian artistDiana Francia Resume Colombian artist

Biography of Diana Francia Gómez Ordóñez


Diana Francia Gómez Ordóñez, Colombian, born in Cali, Valle, comes from a family of artists, for this reason, she began her passion and approach with art from a very young age in a self-taught way; Later with studies of plastic arts, he began her career participating in more than 180 exhibitions to date in the company of important Colombian and foreign artists in Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Morocco, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia;  of her obtaining several recognitions to her work and her career.


Her hard work and her love for art have led her to be a cultural manager and one of the founders of "Kontemporánea Itinerant Art / Gestión KontemporArte", entities dedicated to promoting art and artists in her country.


Her works are in different collections and museums in Colombia and abroad; They have been reasons for interviews and comments on important Colombian television programs and channels such as RCN, Caracol, La Revista CMI del Canal UNO, Canal ZOOM TV. City TV, also in magazines and other printed publications, such as the Argentine magazine "Ciudad Nueva", Mexican magazine "Perfiles de México", "Colombian magazine El Congreso", Mexican newspaper "El Debate de Mazatlán" Among others, and on different portals web and international art catalogs...

"Diana Francia, as a good expressionist with her authenticity, has continuously led the process of the German George Grosz and Otto Dix, in addition to the Colombians Ángel Loochkartt, Umberto Giangrandi, Carlos Granada ... with their stamp of sensuality and eroticism.

Like good night owls, the Expressionists advance through the depths of the night and fill their canvases and papers with worldly stars that display their mutant faces and their feminine, masculine or androgynous spirit. Felines and birds of prey, spot their victims with an accurate gaze, capture them, extract their spirits ”.


Fernando Guinard - Director Museum of American Erotic Art



"The technique that Diana Francia uses is of utmost importance for the style she proposes, by using a two-phase Dripping: A fluid one that gives expressiveness and movement to the line, in the manner of the abstract expressionists or informalists; as well as another controlled one, of a figurative nature, with which he draws the shapes and outlines of his compositions.

"Her works by her manage to captivate and attract the attention of the viewer, immersing them in the deep aspects of a mental and psychological universe, full of reflection and contemplation"


Maestro Edgar Estupiñán, Curator and Cultural Commentator

Diana Francia Artist Statement


"Painting ... is entering a parallel world created by me ...


In the depths of my thoughts I love, I live, I feel, I dream and I miss, only in my mind, I am the owner and architect of that parallel, ephemeral and disturbing world, which I intend to capture in the canvases so that the viewer perceives them in an accurate way. 


I want to capture, among other topics, the emotions and the states of the woman's soul reflected in looks, faces, and bodies, some taken from me, others coming from my imagination or from my surroundings, and in them their different moods, sensations, feelings, doubts, and frustrations; in an expressionist figurative style with textures, paint drips and vibrant colors which allow me to give him the strength, spontaneity, and fluidity that this theme requires. This is a tribute and to document in some way the current situation of women showing through my works everything that goes beyond a naked body, as is the essence, value, sensuality, and eroticism. I wish to exhort women to love themselves regardless of religion, physicality, age, or social status, to see ourselves with other eyes, that beyond the skin there is a soul that lives, dreams, longs, and feels.


My series "Body and Naked Soul", "My Parallel World", "Question of Faith", "Animals ... Beings of Light" and "Migrations ...from the Real to the Unreal"; are portals of that parallel world, which allow me to bring what is in my mind to reality.


Diana Francia 

Diana Francia Resume Colombian artist
Diana Francia Resume Colombian artist ArtworkDiana Francia Resume Colombian artist ArtworkDiana Francia Resume Colombian artist ArtworkDiana Francia Resume Colombian artist ArtworkDiana Francia Resume Colombian artist Artwork

Description of Diana Francia Artwork


They are paintings that represent my world and my circumstances, my own or other people's experiences; feelings, places, life situations that remain in my mind, moments that I want to capture in memory, thoughts that I want to convey to others.


Through my paintings I want to achieve inner freedom and creativity, letting myself be carried away by the imagination or sensation of the moment, taking what is in my mind, incorporating it spontaneously on the canvas so that the viewer perceives it correctly. All this is reflected through artistic painting techniques in a figurative expressionist style, with colors and textures that express my emotions, and states of the soul.
As support I generally use canvases, although some are painted on wood, I work with oil and acrylic paint or mixed media, I use any medium that allows me to highlight my paintings, using the spatula and/or Dripping technique as a technique. or support used)


My pictorial language is based on a spontaneous realism, with naive features, letting the girl in me act, which allows me to express myself and create without self-restraint, always seeking the most faithful and sensible expression of my feeling, thus exposing my personality.

My favorite themes are religion, portraiture, figure, landscapes, animals, and abstracts, all interpreted in my own way.

Artworks of Diana Francia in collections and museums


2020. Museo de Arte Moderno De Bucaramanga MAMB Work "Memories of a happy childhood .... Raising comets" Mixed / canvas 70x40 cm

2016. HISTORICAL MUSEUM OF PEÑOL ANTIOQUIA Work "Tristeza" Mixed canvas 60X40 cm

2015. NICOLÁS HERRERA MUSEUM IN IBARRA ECUADOR Work: "Pensativa 3" Mixed on canvas 60x40 cm

2015. MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART OF HUILA (MACH) Neiva, Huila. Work. "I Analyze You" Mixed Acrylic / Canvas 60x45 cm


2014. ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF MAZATLAN Mazatlán-México, Work "A la Espera" Mixed / cloth 60x40 CM

2013. FOUNDATION TEATRAL JULIO CÉSAR LUNA. Bogotá D. C. Work. Consentida Girl Acrylic / Canvas 50 x 70 cm

2013. MUSEUM OF AMERICAN EROTIC ART, MAREA. Bogotá D.C. Work. El Embrujo Mixta / Canvas 90x70 Cm

And in different private collections in Colombia and abroad.

Diana Francia Resume Colombian artist MuseosDiana Francia Resume Colombian artist MuseosDiana Francia Resume Colombian artist MuseosDiana Francia Resume Colombian artist MuseosDiana Francia Resume Colombian artist Museos
Diana Francia artist statementDiana Francia artist statementDiana Francia artist statementDiana Francia artist statementDiana Francia artist statement

Diana Francia currently lives in Bogotá D.C., Colombia;  where she works as an independent artistic painter, exhibiting and marketing her work in her country and abroad through her website and through the most important Online art galleries worldwide, as well as in exclusive galleries of art.

Biography of Diana Francia Gómez Ordóñez Colombian Artist