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Bibliographical of Radio and TV interviews, articles, reviews, published magazines, newspapers, exhibition catalogs, online magazines about the Colombian artist Diana Francia and her artwork, The inclusion of her artwork in books. 


  • Third International Meeting of Artists in Sucre Diana France. The Meridian Oct 25/2018
  • • 1st Artca Caribe Art Fair Cover by the newspaper El Informador de Santa Marta Print edition April 2018
  • • Biography Diana France Print Publication ACT Magazine By Colombia 2018
  • • Pop-Up Exhibition: Latin Expression. Serrano Gallery 2018
  • • Shock 9 Plastic Artists From Colombia Prepare Tour For United States Shock Pop Culture 2018
  • • Ar7Seven takes New York Media Tour Ar7seven - Diana Francia Interview on UD Radio 94.9 2018
  • • Colombia pays tribute to “Mexico beautiful and dear” The 2 Banks. Diana France participating artist 2017
  • • Diana Francia G.O Guest Plastic Artist Painting live for Citytv. Ar7seven. TV program Los Del Barrio 2018
  • • Individual exhibition Diana France “SENT PERCENT” Gallery the Alley TV Interview of the ZOOM Channel 2016
  • • Pictorial work by Diana Francia Gómez web publication. Cuidad Nueva Arte y Cultura Magazine. By Edgar Estupiñán 2016
  • • Diana Francia G.O with Mai Colombia on the Television of "PAZIFICO NEWS" Interview for "Pazifico Noticias"
  • • Inauguration Exhibition Kontemporarte 2015 Print Publication Magazine Ciudad Nueva 2015
  • • Diana Francia is a plastic artist who expresses emotions and professionalism. Television program interview The "Magazine Magazine" Canal UNO. By Journalist Isabella Recio 2016
  • • Report of the Kontemporarte Exhibition Television Program The Magazine CMI Canal UNO. By Isabella Recio 2016
  • • Interview Diana France Social work Fundación Ángeles De Luna. TV program of the ZOOM Channel 2016
  • • Interview with Diana Francia Gómez. Painting is entering a Parallel World Created by me… Magazine Issue No. 10 Magazine Mai Colombia By the journalist Manuel Bermúdez 2015
  • • Interview with the artist Diana Francia Gómez. TELESURTV By the journalist Manuel tiberio Bermúdez 2015
  • • Works by Diana Francia. Publication of the Argentine Digital Magazine Psychoanalysis and culture “Cita En Las Diagonales” 2015
  • • The Art of Diana France Print Publication of the Profiles De México Magazine - Sinaloa Edition of Sep 6. / 2015
  • • Diana France. A Sensitive Vision: From the Real to the Imaginary Virtual Publication Magazine The Congress. ISSUU Edition 184. 2015
  • • Diana France. A Sensitive Vision: From the Real to the Imaginary Print Publication Magazine The Congress. Edition 184 2015
  • • Diana Francia captures emotions in her paintings. Web Edition El Debate de Mazatlan, Mexico 2015 Newspaper Publication
  • • Diana Francia captures emotions in her paintings. Publication Printed Newspaper The Debate of Mazatlan, Mexico Edition 2015
  • • Kontemporarte 20/20 INFO ZOOM Inauguration. Interview Diana France. ZOOM TV channel. WTC BOGOTÁ. 2015
  • • The colors that want to rescue the Sierra Nevada Diana France Painting live kienyke Kamara. Slides 12/24 and 20/24 2015
  • • Diana Francia painting live at the Alma de La Tierra Univ. Jorge Tadeo Lozano / Tito Pabón Min 5:00 2’15
  • • Interview with Diana Francia by the Julio Cesar Luna Theater Foundation. Magazine TV CANAL ZOOM, Min. 7:25 2015
  • • Pictorial work by Diana Francia Gómez Print Publication. Cuidad Nueva Arte y Cultura Magazine. By Edgar Estupiñán 2014
  • • Live Painting Diana Francia G.O. In Cartagena Weaving Culture Virtual Publication Oct 31 2014
  • • Radio Interview with Diana Francia Exhibition in Mexico. The Basic of TODELAR by the black Candela, PICANTÍSIMO program at 890 AM April 16 2014
  • • News Diana Francia one of the most important exponents of Dripping in Colombia exhibits her work in Bogotá, exhibition "Body and Soul Al Nude" RCN News issued Thursday, March 6, 2014 in the morning broadcast.
  • • Individual Exhibition of the artist Diana Francia "Body and Soul to the Nude" Print publication of the newspaper EL TIEMPO in the Friday edition February 28, 2014 Page 2 section "YOU MUST DO"
  • • Book Roots of Our People. Publication printed in the 2013 edition of the Mayor's Office of Cota y Arterraza
  • • Diana France Guest Artist. REVISTA OJOS.COM Edition 21 Guest artist July 2013
  • • Music and outdoor art in the municipality of Tunja. Diana France Painting live. HSBNOTICIAS.COM
  • • Music and outdoor art “peace ambassadors paint white in Tunja EL PERIÓDICO DE LOS COLOMBIANOS Edition
  • • Printed July 13/2013 CULTURE section.
  • • Diana Francia G.O. RCN interview. In Cartagena, artists gathered to paint for a good cause. RCN Newsletter Farrandula Section broadcast Tuesday, July 9, 2013
  • • Diana Francia Participating in the tribute to maestro Ángel Loochkartt in Cali (Colombia) DIARIO EL PAÍS section PEOPLE June 22/2013
  • • Diana Francia Gómez Ordóñez from Bogotá to Paris CALIESCRIBE.COM. Virtual Magazine Cali Colombia edition n ° 95 19 feb 2013• Diana Francia supports the Julio César Luna Theater Foundation. Sow in heaven and support these angels CALIESCRIBE.COM Virtual Magazine Cali Colombia. Feb 19, 2013 edition n ° 95
  • • Colombian artists exhibit at an Art Salon in Paris CALIESCRIBE.COM Virtual Magazine Cali Colombia Monday 19 Feb 2013 edition n ° 95
  • • Colombia present at the inauguration «winter canvases» in Paris CALIESCRIBE.COM VIRTUAL MAGAZINE Cali Colombia Tuesday 19 Feb 2013 edition n ° 95 January 2013)
  • • Diana Francia Gómez Ordóñez in Paris - Painting - Art - Creativity EXPRESSION VIRTUAL MAGAZINE January 5 2013
  • • Diana Francia at the VII Cundinamarca Artists Hall Awards GOVERNMENT DIARY Print publication Culture and environment section Nov. 2011
  • • Winners of the VII Cundinamarca Artist Hall. Honorable Mention to Diana France. DAILY NEWS FROM CUNDINAMARCA (publication) Year: 2 Bulletin No. 077 November 28/2011

And in different catalogs of exhibitions in Colombia and abroad

Art by Diana Francia - Press, TV, Print Media, Online Magazines

Press articles, Interviews of radio, television, printed media and online magazines about Colombian artist and her pictorial work