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Original Artwork by Diana Francia - Fine Art 

Religious Paintings by Diana Francia 250x250 px
Human Figure - Faces by Diana Francia 250x250 px
Seascapes by Diana Francia 250 x 250 px
Abstract Paintings by Diana Francia

Religious Paintings

Human Figure - Faces

Landscape - Urban - Seascapes

Abstract Paintings

Abstract Art from the series "Migrations"

Landscapes Series "My Parallel World"

Human Figure of the series "Naked body, Naked soul"

Religious art of the series "Question of Faith"

Artwork by Colombian artist Diana Francia with her special expressionist style that characterizes her.

Full of expression, and texture. Colorful and Modern paintings

Dripping Art - Fine Art


The technique that Diana Francia used in her paintings has a high relevance; for the style that she proposes and by using two-phase dripping, a fluid that gives expressiveness and movement to the stroke in an abstract or informalist expressionist manner, and another controlled by a figurative nature within, where she draws the shapes and contours of her compositions.


The artwork from Diana Francia gets to captivate and attract the attention of the viewer, plunging them into the deep aspects of a psychic and psychological universe. Full of reflection and contemplation.

Art by Diana Francia Modern and Original Paintings with Color, Expression and Texture


Animal Paintings by Diana Francia

Animal Paintings

Animal Paintings of the series "Beings of Light"

"Painting... is to enter a parallel world created by me...

"In the most hidden off my thoughts, I live, feel, dream and desire,
Only in my mind, I am the owner and author of that parallel, ephemeral and disturbing world; which I intend to translate into the canvas, so the viewer can perceive it adequately"

Diana Francia

Her favorite subjects: Religious, portrait, figure, landscape, Abstract, and Animals. Those are made with her special expressionist style that characterizes.

Full of gesture, color, and texture.

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